Month: June 2019

The popularity of lazy loading of images and video on PrestaShop website

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Fast site loading is the desire of each owner of an Internet resource, regardless of whether it is a blog, a landing page, a forum or an online store. It is especially difficult to achieve fast work if the resource is highly visited and filled with a large amount of “heavy” content. The popular content […]

Betting on English Championship league

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In general, there is a tendency that the second and third leagues in football are not very popular among the masses of fans and players. However, if we consider categories and levels of betters, it turns out that the most professional and successful players pay more attention to such tournaments than the mainstream. This is […]

Transportation rules of large household appliances when moving

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Modern household appliance is a rather complicated device and a very high cost. Therefore, moving it from one house, apartment, or even a city to another is not an easy task for many people. In this case, the best would be to hire the services of professionals who specialize in the transport of household appliances. […]