Website responsiveness, why you shouldn’t neglect it!

With mobile devices becoming more powerful and reliable with each annual tech expo that passes, it is no surprise that we now use smartphones and tablets at home as well as on the go. In fact, a study from StatCounter in 2016, shows that the number of mobile internet users exceeded that of desktop users, tipping the scales at just 51.2%. The mobile internet as it was once known, is now essentially just the internet.

But what does this mean to businesses. Well, if you don’t want to lose any potential clients, you will need a great looking website which is optimised for mobile browsing.

A big issue with many current websites is that the user experience on mobile devices is below par. Poorly designed mobile websites can be very frustrating for clients to use and clients who have a difficult online experience may be discouraged from using your website altogether professional painters.

However, one way this issue can be resolved is with responsive design. In short, a responsive website is one that is meant to adapt to the device that they are displayed on. This means that if you use a laptop, iMac or a smartphone. The website will adjust to change the content and the images including how its laid out, so that it makes sense for your device instead of just making your website look smaller or bigger.

Responsive web design is a very effective approach for modern websites, as the alternative would be adaptive web design. A huge issue with adaptive web design is that very often the features and or functionality of what you’ll see on the desktop website are now lacking.

For an idea of how effective responsive web design is, why not view our very own website on your smartphone or tablet. Here, you’ll notice how all of the same content and features which can be found on the regular desktop page can also be found on our mobile platform.

So, if you are interested in responsive web design or want one of these responsive designs for your business? We can help you with that! Visit our website or drop us an  email to find out how.