Month: July 2019

What are you losing by not having a website or having a bad one?

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It might seem obvious that nowadays the Internet is a powerful tool for communication and information search. Yet, many companies still don’t have a website and don’t realise how much they are losing because of that. However, at the end of this article you will be able to see why do you need a website, […]

What is Responsive Web Design?

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Having a responsive website versus different layout can be advantageous not only for your the users of your site but also your company.

How to Choose the Perfect Template For Your Website?

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As website builders gain popularity, creating a website is easier than ever. The most important choice is choosing the right template for your website.

How to Choose a Web Design Service in 2019

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Starting a website is both exciting and quite daunting in an age when there is so much to choose from. Realistically you have a few choices – use a website builder, use a content management tool like WordPress or make a website from scratch.