What is Responsive Web Design?

Having a responsive website versus different layout can be advantageous not only for your the users of your site but also your company.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the design of a website that allows for flexible layouts. This means that the website of your company accommodates to the screen size of the device being used.

The format of the website is fit to the screen which makes it easy for the user to read and be able to interact with the site. This is very useful for users who do not always have access to their laptops when they are not at home or are always on the go. Having a responsive web design, it eliminates the need to create a completely new design when trying to format it to new devices being used.


94% of users judge the company based on the responsive web design. The appearance of the website is what users judge the company off of since it is their first impression.  Having a responsive web design allows the appearance of your site to be clean, user-friendly, and it has a cohesive look throughout any device.


Responsive web design is of great importance when it comes to being mobile-friendly. The most important factor as to why companies choose to go with a responsive web design is for the fact that the web page layout will be cohesive and formatted perfectly to the size of the user’s screen. In the past, many companies had the issue when viewing a company’s web page on their smartphone.

The webpage format would be too large making it merely impossible for the user to use the site with ease. Since then most businesses use responsive web design, due to the ease of the format of the mobile website. Users no longer have to compromise the user-friendliness and are able to access your company’s site with ease through any device.

Essential to SEO

Google favors sites that have responsive web design as it increases the number of users and makes the user experience positive. By having a responsive web design, Google favors your site and increases your SEO ranking. This eventually increases the traffic coming to your site and the users leave positive ratings or spread good word of mouth about their experience of using your site.

Responsive designs for websites are essential in today’s modern world. It is highly beneficial to have a responsive design as it will be able to adapt to any device that the users use to search your company’s website.