How to Choose the Perfect Template For Your Website?

As website builders gain popularity, creating a website is easier than ever. The most important choice is choosing the right template for your website.

Why? The template is the foundation of your website, so picking the right one will allow the rest of the process to flow smoothly until your website is online.

You may wonder why choosing the right template would be a challenge, but catch a glimpse of the expansive template galleries of the most popular website builders – you’ll find hundreds of choices to scroll through. Templates are organized by categories and industries, but the sheer quantity and variety can be overwhelming.

Don’t panic! We are here to provide you with some useful tips:

  • Think about what kind of website you are building

It might sound obvious but once you start to browse and preview template designs, you might be tempted to adjust your content and structure to the template, instead of the other way around. The perfect template is the one whose design and structure can accommodate your website (content, concept, industry). Focus on the intersection of functionality and aesthetics rather than letting yourself be seduced by an attractive but impractical template.

  • Make a list of the main requirements your template should have.

Imagine your website’s layout, its menu and the presentation of content. Depending on what kind of website you are building the focus might be on images or action buttons.

  • Check the template’s features and its flexibility

It’s important to build a website that’s both distinctive and innovative. Make sure to choose a template that allows for maximum modification and personalization.

  • Always consider the mid- and long-term

This is connected with the flexibility of the template. The internet is constantly changing and updating, so choose a template that best suits your needs today while also being compatible with future enhancements and upgrades.

Finally, once you choose a template, check how the website builder manages switching templates. Some website builders migrate content from the old template to the new one, but others require you to manually replace all content from square one.