Month: January 2020

How can I improve my skills in web design?

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Read design blogs and publications, visit art / design galleries, and go to museums. A person’s design is influenced by the designs they surround themselves with, and if you’re subconsciously channeling / filtering / replicating aspects of award winning designs, yours will become better.

What does a web designer do?

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Web designer is a blanket title that covers a lot of tasks and skills that cater to the web as a medium. Depending on the Web Designer’s position and skills, it can encompass:

How is graphic design different from web design?

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People who are not into the design industry often tend to make a mistake by considering the graphic design and web design the same. Well, for a fact, not just the normal people from the non-design industry, but the ones who wish to seek a career in designing also carry this misconception prior to entering […]

Facebook Marketing

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At the moment, advertising in social networks is one of the most popular ways to find the target audience. If you want to do it right, you can hire special services such as So your advertising campaign on Facebook is sure to be successful. Usually run your advertising campaigns on Facebook in the following […]