Facebook Marketing

At the moment, advertising in social networks is one of the most popular ways to find the target audience. If you want to do it right, you can hire special services such as https://www.lastingtrend.com/services/facebook-ads. So your advertising campaign on Facebook is sure to be successful. Usually run your advertising campaigns on Facebook in the following order:

  • Campaigns for engagement;
  • Campaigns for traffic;
  • Campaigns for conversion and sales;

Campaigns for engagement:

  • Allows for quick testing of targeting and audience with a small budget;
  • Quick feedback from users;
  • Show the FB that your product or service is of interest to the target audience (increases organic reach);
  • Build an audience of engaged users to re-show advertising to them or create a similar audience.

The key feature of engagement campaigns is that you don’t need to get a lot of traffic to the site, users react quite quickly to ads, whether they like them or not. The cost of involvement can be thousands of dollars, hence there is no need to spend a lot of money on experiments and data accumulation as for traffic campaigns. Later on, the campaigns for involvement become the main ones for traffic and conversion campaigns.

For the engagement test, 5-10 different audiences are usually taken, the more they differ from each other, the better, and it is preferable to take broad interests (if we use interest or behavior targeting). The results of engagement campaigns are used to identify promising audiences and targeting them for future work. For example, it was determined that you have good advertising that comes to users with an interest in “Sport”. Then in traffic and conversion campaigns you already break this interest more narrowly: football, swimming, winter sports, etc. Recommended advertising budget for engagement campaigns: $5/day per group. Campaign time: 1-4 days.

Which audiences to choose to start the project

If there are previous data: a pixel was previously set and there are lists of emails or phones, there is an active large group in the FB – use these audiences and add several groups by “cold” audience. If there are no past data, start with interests and behavior based on the avatars of the target audience. At the first stage, it is more important to test more different broad audiences and targeting than narrower targeting within broad audiences.

Campaigns for traffic and conversion

  • You can use the 3-4 most promising targeting and audience;
  • You can use dynamic and video ads;
  • You can use the “carousel” type;
  • After the experiments, break up the groups if necessary: FB/Instagram, mob/desktop, etc.

Recommendations on creativity for Facebook advertising

  • Use different options for ads;
  • Combine long and short texts;
  • Use emogies in texts;
  • Analyze competitors or other companies to apply similar techniques.

Additional tips on Facebook advertising

  • Target frequent shoppers. We add “Engaged shoppers” audience to additional target audience – users who have clicked on “Buy” button in FB for the last 7 days.
  • Include budget optimization at the advertising campaign level. In the near future FB will fully switch to campaign level budget optimization instead of ad groups, from here we are already switching to this format.

There are many other tweaks to setting up advertising on Facebook and other social networks. You can learn more about Instagram ads by clicking on this link https://www.lastingtrend.com/services/instagram-marketing-agency. Do not be afraid to experiment and introduce new tools that will help you make your business more successful.