What’s the best stand for MacBook – what to choose?

For those who are tired of using their own knees and suffering from bent neck pain by curling up at an uncomfortable table, it’s time to raise your laptop screen to eye level and remember your school’s correct posture lessons. If that’s a problem, specially designed stands for MacBook original designs will help. In this article we will talk about how to choose the best macbook stand. Use our tips to find the best macbook stand you need.

Elevator from Griffin Technology

Rugged classics in a new look in aluminium and transparent plastic. The frame rises above the table by 13 cm, leaving a lot of free space under the bottom of the laptop, which provides excellent air circulation and minimizes the risk of overheating the gadget. The stand is equipped with rubberized inserts, so MacBook is held on it only by friction force – ease of installation and no locks.

HiRise from Twelve South

The stand is based on a telescopic height adjustment mechanism and a V-shaped shelf to accommodate the notebook itself. The less metal comes into contact with the body of the gadget, the better the air is blown through it, the shelf is slightly tilted forward to form an optimal viewing angle for the monitor. The rubber coating will prevent MacBook from slipping, and the Teflon coating on the bottom of the stand allows you to rotate it left and right without risking damaging the polishing of your desk. The relative complexity of the design and the availability of different materials will require you to invest more.

Loft from Belkin

22 cm long, 20 cm wide and 15 cm high, the stand is made of one piece of aluminium and has no moving parts. There is no need for them – the bet is made on minimalism and rational use of the working space. The leg has an oval-shaped hole for free blowing of the lower part of the MacBook, there is also a ring clip for cables, which allows you to minimize the chaos of tangled balls on the table.

mStand from Rain Design

We walked through a piece of aluminium with a sandblasting machine, and then an anodized coating was applied to it – something stylistically very close to the design of the apple notebook itself. The mStand stand has a noticeable inclination forward, so a small fixing tab at the bottom of the shelf is a must. No more fastening elements are required, narrow strips of rubber-like material create sufficient friction force to keep the lightweight gadget from slipping off. Its height above the support surface is 15 cm.

The Roost from The Roost Stand

The most expensive and interesting option in this review. Here we are offered a portable stand, which is easy to fold, stick in your pocket and use anywhere in the world. Alas, The Roost is not quite universal, we will have to choose the appropriate version for devices with different display diagonals. The manufacturer emphasizes that the stand provides excellent ventilation and is not afraid of mechanical damage, plus provides a variable angle of inclination for MacBook. As a bonus when buying a black or silver version, it comes in a bag of microfiber cloth to keep the gadget and stand clean.

Xtand Pro from Just Mobile

Smooth surface from above, relief from below so that the massive support of the stand does not slide on the table. Two protrusions at the bottom and rubber anti-slip inserts are used to hold the notebook on an inclined shelf. The height of the stand is adjustable and the basic version is adapted to the dimensions of a 17-inch MacBook. The manufacturer assessed its child by the average level for this category of accessories.