How is graphic design different from web design?

People who are not into the design industry often tend to make a mistake by considering the graphic design and web design the same. Well, for a fact, not just the normal people from the non-design industry, but the ones who wish to seek a career in designing also carry this misconception prior to entering the industry.

The work of both web designers and graphic designers is misunderstood by the involvement of creative ability and art skills. One of the main reason for this misconception is the designing tool which is same for both graphic and web. So, clear this confusion for once an all, I am here to tell you about the difference between graphic designing and web designing

Web Design

Web design requires many different sets of discipline and skills in the designing and maintenance of the website. In web design, there are different areas which require different skills and expertise. These areas as graphic design, interface design, search engine optimization, user experience, and authoring including proprietary software and standardized code. Mostly while designing a website, different teams are made and each team works on a specific area. However, some companies often create a single that works in all areas.

Graphic Design

I am assuming, you must have understood it by now that graphic design is a part of web design. Basically, it is a process of problem-solving and visual communication through illustration, typography, and photography. In graphic design, symbols, images, and texts are combined to form a visual representation that delineates some message or ideas design symposium.

Let’s now look at the job responsibilities of both web designer and graphic designer to have a better understanding.

Web Designer:

  • Have a mutual interaction with the audience
  • Apply an engineering approach to the design
  • Must have a scope to develop and enhance his/her work.
  • Have extensive knowledge to know how to design for versatile mediums
  • Must be more technical
  • Can easily catch the web design trends
  • Must have knowledge of how a design will make its audience feel and react

Graphic Designer:

  • Put the art first
  • More artistic approach
  • Must be focused on how a design will communicate its message to the audience
  • Need to have a knowledge of predicting how each element of design will come out on print
  • Emphasizes visual theory on designs
  • Must have a one-way relationship with the audience