What are you losing by not having a website or having a bad one?

It might seem obvious that nowadays the Internet is a powerful tool for communication and information search. Yet, many companies still don’t have a website and don’t realise how much they are losing because of that. However, at the end of this article you will be able to see why do you need a website, and especially why do you need a professional one!

Numbers for the beginning…

Newspapers, phone books, and television. Back in days these were the main sources for people to look for information and contact. They are still present, but a number of users is shrinking significantly. Nowadays, anything you want, you can find it on the Internet and consumers are more and more aware of it. As polls show while looking for a service, a local business or a product people are most likely to go first online and simply search for a website (cf. graph). Surely, this number is even going to rise. This means that you might simply lose great opportunities by not having a website!

How can I find you?

As shown above, more and more people search on the Internet for products and services before purchase. It is more convenient, allows you to compare prices and find the best option. In addition, what is more important is the fact that it does not limit you to your own area. People miles away might discover your website and purchase your service or product. Your business does not have a website? How will all these people find out about you?

The power of people…

People are all the time seeking for information. Social medias, questions-and-answers sites are powerful sources of knowledge. Being active online allows you to be closer to your past and future customers. You can easily respond to their feedback and needs. Without having a website, you are missing the chance to create a community. Also, don’t forget about old, well-known mouth-to-mouth method. On the Internet it also works, but faster and wider. However, how the information of your great business is going to be spread without a website?

Promotion doesn’t always work..

Are you still lacking customers, even though you are spending a fortune on the marketing? Surely, marketing is an important part of the business. Without it, people would barely know about your existence. However, it does not have to be that pricey as it might seem. A website doesn’t require as much of investments, and at the same time is very effective. In addition, what is the best at it is the fact that it allows people to find all information without your involvement and 24/7! A good idea is to combine it with social media. It is rare now not to have a presence on Facebook or other social networks.

Professionals are online

No one likes to spend money without knowing what to expect. Therefore, people often prefer to invest in well-known brands. An online presence makes you more recognisable. Moreover, a website allows you to present all your offerings. It is an easy way to increase the value of your business in your customer’s eyes.

As you can see, having a website nowadays is a must. Yet, there is one exception to this. It is better not to have a website than having a bad one! If your website has a poor design you can lose even more. It is a place of the first contact with potential clients, therefore the first impression is very important. Here are few common mistakes you can make:

1.    Noisy background
Auto music and videos on the website might be very distributive. Many users while searching online listen to their own music, therefore sound from the website might be more irritating than enjoyable.

2.    Complication
Time is a great value. People expect to find desired information quickly without unnecessary labyrinth of links. If they cannot, they will simply leave.

3.    Content
The quality of the online content is very important. Inconsistency, spelling and grammar errors look very unprofessional.

4.    Out of date
You have to make sure to update your website regularly. Otherwise, people might assume that your business is not running anymore.

5.    Speed
Nothing is more irritating than website which takes ages to load. You have to make sure to optimize all website scripts and all of your images are
suitable compressed.

6.    Design
Aesthetic aspects always matter. Good design, images, use of colors makes you look more professional.

7.    Expectation
You need to know what your customers want and give it to them. Make sure to provide your clients with all information and service they want.

A well-designed website is a great opportunity for your business that you shouldn’t miss. Moreover, we have a good news for you! Your business can have a great website and avoid all the mistakes mentioned above. Contact us and we will do the work for you!