8 Questions To Ask Yourself To Define Your Mobile Strategy For 2016

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There are 3 billion people online today and 2 billion people have a smartphone. Experts say, there will be two to three time more smartphones than desktop computors by 2020. So, no wonder many enterpreneurs and startups turn to mobile apps in pursuit to create a market-winning product. Before investing your time and money into […]

Online Data Visualization Prototype For Remote Monitoring Systems

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We are ready to introduce a highly customizable data visualization prototype code-named SensGraph. It provides easily extendable capabilities, which allows us to build a web application cut to the specific client’s needs. Based upon this prototype, we can offer the development of a web app, integrate the created web app with your software and provide […]

JavaScript Application Development: Creating Cross-Device Business Apps

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When the JavaScript programming language appeared in 1995, one of its primary tasks was checking the user input. Before that, this was a job for the server-side languages like Perl. The reason behind the developing this new technology was the intention to reduce the number of server requests. You can imagine how painful it was […]