Interesting facts about sex

Today, sex is no longer a taboo and uncomfortable topic, so everyone today can read interesting material related to intimacy. Many different studies on the impact of sports, food on the quality of sexuality are conducted by centers, institutes, which forms a normal attitude towards intimacy, understanding the nature of the male, female body, contributing to the strengthening of the partners’ relationship.

Interesting facts about the sexual relationship between partners can not only bring a cute smile, but also help to create a brighter and more enjoyable experience during the practice. Sex is not only a way to reproduce, but also an enjoyable activity that can be approached knowledgeably. There is also a wide range of medications that can help you improve the quality of sex. You can purchase them here

Exercise and don’t forget about sex

If you’re tired and you don’t want to exercise, preferring to lie quietly on the couch, watching a movie with your loved one, chase those thoughts away, and do at least some light exercise together. According to studies, physical activity and sports increase the blood flow to the male pelvic organs, normalize testosterone levels. Accordingly, having sex after a workout can be much more enjoyable and vivid. In addition, intimacy is a great way to burn extra calories. Therefore, along with an unforgettable feeling of intimacy with a partner, you can also get rid of extra pounds. Combine the pleasant with the useful – after a workout go to the bedroom with your beloved.

Nipple stimulation – plus a vivid sensation

During excitement, blood arrives not only to the genitals, but also to the nipples, making them slightly swollen. This area of the body is no less sensitive than other erogenous zones, so miss the opportunity to make your loved one feel good. It is interesting that when you touch a woman’s nipples, there are processes in the body that contract the muscles of the vaginal walls.

This effect contributes to the production of the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for receiving a more vivid sensations during sex. But not only female nipples respond to pleasant caresses, male nipples are also very sensitive. Their stimulation during sex increases sensations during orgasm. This fact may be an interesting answer to why men need nipples.

Natural Aphrodisiacs

If you are used to having a cup of coffee after a run or in the evening, make a pumpkin latte. This vegetable and its flavor is a great aphrodisiac for men, and this applies not only to drinks, but also to dishes, such as pumpkin porridge or pie. For women, apples are an excellent product; they prevent sexual dysfunction, increase libido, and increase the production of lubricant, making sex more enjoyable. Chocolate is also a great aphrodisiac, which is good for both men and women. You don’t have to worry about extra calories, as sexual intimacy will help take them away.

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