How to promote a restaurant on Instagram

If you want to promote a restaurant on Instagram, you should first buy instagram followers to raise the status of the account. Then you need to use additional tips to help you get results.

  • Use hashtags. Hashtags are alive and they work. Texts on the social network are not indexed in any way and do not participate in searches, but tags do. How do you promote a restaurant profile with tags? Remember that you can use no more than 30 of them, write them under the post in a separate comment, do not use popular tags, as they are updated every 2-3 seconds. Hashtags should match the picture and text and only then will they bring the coveted organic traffic.
  • Promotion in the comments. You don’t have to have an exorbitant amount of money to use this free method. Writing a comment on the subject blogger you can make a good advertisement and attract his followers to your page. But for this, your comment must be among the first – so put a notice of the publications of bloggers with a similar audience.
  • Collaboration with bloggers. One of the most effective methods of promotion. Invite a blogger to your house for dinner or morning coffee, and he will tell his followers about it. The main thing is to make the ads native and organic.
  • Contests and giveaways. To increase engagement on the page, hold regular giveaways. This could be a romantic dinner for two, a delicious breakfast on a Sunday morning, or a brand-new smartphone for tagging your friends in the comments.
  • Targeted advertising. A method of official promotion approved by the social network. Attracting a new audience to Instagram for a restaurant is a difficult task, but an experienced tagger, putting a detailed portrait of TA through the advertising cabinet on Facebook with ease will do it. If you have an active core of subscribers, then you can run ads only on Instagram.
  • Networking. Networking is the building of personal and professional relationships in order to solve important tasks. With the help of affiliate programs it is possible to optimize the budget, with minimal investments to get a good result.
  • Show faces. Faceless commercial accounts are the scourge of today. Show the faces of waiters, introduce customers to the smiling barista – and the audience will pull to you.
  • Clean up your account. Don’t forget to brush up on comments from bots and delete spam, but also promptly respond to questions from real subscribers, building a proper dialogue with them.
  • Updates. Please, don’t ignore technical updates of the program. They give you endless possibilities.
  • Keep an eye on trends. Almost every week there are new Challenges, Trends and Directions on Instagram. Follow them, actively use them and create stylish content worthy of likes and reposts.

How much does it cost to manage Instagram a restaurant

Sure, you can proudly throw the promotion and profile maintenance on your shoulders, but is this burden feasible? It makes sense to hire for this purpose SMM-specialist with experience, who can not only write texts and create a visual part, but also to promote the profile in the social network. The cost will vary depending on the chosen specialist and the format of promotion.

How to avoid mistakes

It is impossible to avoid mistakes, but with the help of our tips you can minimize their number. So, the top of the most popular restaurant mistakes:

  • only selling posts. Instagram is not a showcase, so dilute your content with entertaining and informative posts;
  • use a lot of punctuation marks in the title. This makes it much harder to find your account on the social network;
  • close your account. Closed profiles are not searchable, so what’s the point? Turn the account into a business format, and it will automatically open to the public, helping you get 50 instagram followers every day or even more.