Grand Theft Auto IV review

A megalopolis “inspired” by New York City, a flexible chain of storytelling tasks and a bouquet of optional tasks – the authors have not changed the classic formula, cutting off the extra fat that has grown in Vice City and San Andreas. Bicycles, explosive radio-controlled cars, flights to the Dodo, real estate operations, rocking hikes, the military with tanks, and bonuses hanging in the air have all become a thing of the past. The juicy palette has faded, the objects have gained mass and honestly cast shadows, pedestrians have come alive, and in the morning there is such a fog that Silent Hill will die of envy. However, having stepped towards reality, the game has not become duller.

The reasons for this are Rockstar North’s manic love for little things and great humor. Pins to popular brands on posters, social and political satire in talk shows, virtual benefits of Ricky Gervais, a fun parody on the Internet, where the nuts got everyone – from Nigerian spammers and news sites to the blogosphere. The KRAPEA page paints the horrors of Swedish furniture stores. The Independence FM DJ station, which draws music from the /My Documents folder, caustically comments on your tastes. Even Niko, a hick with clumsy English, doesn’t go into his pocket for a word, ironically parrying his bumps. All this you can learn thanks to the site

Some information about Grand Theft Auto IV

In general, of the dozens of characters that came out from under the pen Rockstar, Bellich is perhaps the brightest person. This cold-blooded killer, who became such by fate, is dangerous for society and incredibly charismatic. Screenwriters Dan Houser and Rupert Humphries deftly manipulate feelings, but do not slip into a moralizing mood, causing sympathy for the person whose conscience to the final will be a mountain of corpses. Niko is loyal to his family and friends, always comes to the rescue and reacts acutely to injustice, as once a simple Russian boyfriend Danila Bagrov. His face (not to be taken – Mashkov from “In the enemy’s rear”) expresses a sea of emotions, and in the depths of his soul, under the layers of thorns, a pipe dream of a quiet life is heated. We feel sorry for the antihero, because it is clear: no matter which way the player chooses – compassion or revenge – Bellich will pay the bill, let the city of monsters be almost a saint.

Great texts, colorful voice and eight hours of reels – a beautiful canvas for numerous missions. The narration “sags” only in the last quarter, when Niko meets in a gutter between mafia clans. The war of the grumpy dons is too depressing and serious compared to everything else, but this is where you will see the most spectacular scenes of GTA 4.

And the spectacular scenes are run by scripts. Colorful explosions, accidents, and frighteningly reliable animation of the inhabitants (the Euphoria system, which calculates the movements on the fly, taking into account AI, physics, and biomechanics, is responsible for it) are happy until you realize that the next chase is scheduled in advance. The FBI crashed into a house, a cop’s car jumped off a bridge, the third lawman was crushed by a truck that flew in from nowhere… Clean water “Groundhog Day”! The biker, running away on the subway rails, will be pressed with lead, but it will fall down only after jumping back into the street. The four villains cannot be shot on the move, as they are destined to tear down the fountain in the park.

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