CS:GO team communication

There are two parts to communicating in the game Counter-Strike – speaking and listening. Your team can talk all it needs, but if you can’t listen you will not get the useful information from your players. Do not forget that the response to the information of your teammates should be your reaction and actions. So, if a teammate says “four on B”, it means that the 5th player of the enemy team can go around your back, can sneak in with a bomb on an empty plant, can cut off help, etc. No one should yell “All the opponents are here!” until they see all of the enemy’s 5th players.

Of course, maybe your soldier just didn’t see the fifth and therefore said there were four enemies. But it’s better to prepare for the worst than to give your opponent a chance for an easy and unanswered kill or to set up a bomb at the other end of the map. Whenever you don’t have information on all enemy players at your disposal, move around and help your own more carefully. If you are given information about a rush with a bomb, then your movement should be faster and more confident.

Then, a very important point is the timing of the information. Players are often too lazy to give important information only 3-5 seconds after death, or even later. This gross mistake should be eradicated – make a rule for matches that each of your players has the right to give information only for 5 seconds after death. This will help your teammates give out the most critical information in the shortest time possible.

All of the above may seem very simple to some. However, you can see hundreds and thousands of cases where the world’s best players, through their silence and inability to communicate, drastically reduce their teams’ chances of winning. The best players in the world! Do not repeat their mistakes, work on yourself and your fighters and then your team play will be much better and your team will be more united and stronger.

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The basics of team communication in CS

If you want to be a true team – strong, smart, dangerous, and fast – follow these simple rules of team communication:

  • if you need help – let the team know;
  • If your strategies aren’t working, discuss why it’s happening during a pause – while you and your co-commanders are dead;
  • if you discuss errors in strategies, do it quietly and without nerves;
  • when throwing any grenade, name its type (light, smoke, or not) and where you’re throwing it;
  • when you begin to understand how the opponent plays (aggressively, passively, through shots) – let the team know about it;
  • if you need your teammates to give you some grenade – ask them;
  • if your teammate asks you to give him a grenade, don’t ask again – give it to him;
  • if your teammate is killed – you must use all the information you are told to exchange, because you can’t allow one enemy player to run around the map and demolish half of your team;
  • discussion and correction of any gaming errors on throwing grenades, unintentional blinding of your own, etc. – only after the match;
  • don’t talk about nonsense during Freeze Time; this time should be used efficiently, so that your captain can inform you about your plans for the round, new tactics and possible enemy behavior;
  • if you need a drop, post it! And only if you don’t have it discounted by the end of Freeze Time, ask with your voice.

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