What parameters determine the quality of the proxy server

The proxy server serves as an intermediary computer connecting the user’s PC with the necessary Internet resources. An inexperienced user may think that a direct connection is faster and more reliable, but it is not. Data transmission and reception directly depend on the intermediate connection speed between the user-server-proxy and server-proxy-source, if the connection speed between them is high, then the network delay will be lower than with direct contact. You can purchase a proxy server on this site Proxy-Seller.Com.

You can check the proxy for validity online or with the help of special programs that not only determine performance, but also measure their speed.

Doing such a procedure from time to time is very important, especially if you work with a large number of proxies at the same time. The problem is that with prolonged work with proxies, they can fail. This is a normal phenomenon and you should not panic about this, because there is a solution – check the used proxy servers for operability.

Most often, problems arise with free proxies, since no one is following them and the administration does not guarantee their durability. It is not necessary to harbor any illusions that if you find a working proxy with a free tariff, it will also cost in time. With paid IP-addresses everything is simpler: stable operation and the possibility of replacement in case of an unexpected failure. You can choose a paid proxy here https://proxy-seller.com/american-proxy. But there are exceptions here too, so it’s better not to take risks and periodically check for validity of purchased dedicated servers.

The proxy provides anonymity when visiting Internet resources, and is more often used when you need to hide the real ip address of your computer. If the proxy is not valid, anonymity is lost, which can be fraught with blockages or sanctions.

Proxy check

There are two ways to check the proxy validity: through special online services or through certain programs that need to be installed on a PC. They work in the same way and have no obvious advantages, therefore, in choosing, be guided only by convenience. If you want to quickly check the selected proxy servers, then fit online resources.

Check proxy online

You can check your IP address on many sites, but if you have five or ten proxies, it will take a long time to check each one individually. It is necessary to make changes to the browser settings every time in order to sort through all the addresses. To facilitate the process, a proxy check online is invented.

For example, you can use the same services:




Proxy Checker Software

The feature of checking the validity in this way – the software must be installed on the computer. The programs are quite easy to use and convenient, so if you are constantly working with dedicated proxies, we highly recommend having a similar utility on your PC.

The most popular now are:

ProxyFire Master Suite Pro;

Proxy Gear;

Proxy Checker;

SOCKS Proxy Checker;

parser datacol.

Proxy speed check

Proxy speed is very important for comfortable work. Some of them are even capable of increasing the response speed of the connection, in comparison with the standard ip address that was assigned to you by the ISP. If the Internet slows down, it would not be superfluous to check the speed of the proxy server, since the problem may be in it, especially if you are using a free proxy. There are special sites that solve this problem. All you need to check is to find out all the necessary data about the proxy server, and then enter them into the appropriate service field.