Welcome To 4 Front Meetup #11: Same Place, New Experience

We are glad to invite you to the first 4Front meetup for web developers this year. The rendezvous is in the same place – IMAGURU business club (Fabritsiusa Str.,4 Minsk, Belarus). The event will start at 19.00 (UTC+3) on February 4 2016. The experienced developers from XB Software are ready with three interesting presentations that will definitely enrich your knowledge in .

What awaits you at the event:

1. What Is Your Service Worker For

Vladimir Dashukevich is a front-end developer with a great experience in different fields of programming at XB Software. He is fond of experimenting and is a big face of coffee and the theory of graphs. 

  • AppCache and the problems it has
  • Fetch as a substitute to xhr
  • Service Worker in action:  what for, when and why
  • Comparison of an app work with and without Service Worker

2. Perfomance: In The Struggle For Milliseconds

Andrey Kozyakov is XB Software web developer with a 2-year experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP. He like interesting tasks connected with learning new technologies and using them while developing products. 

  • New functionality in the programmer’s life
  • What new functionality can cause in the real project
  • Lots of data: is it a problem or not?
  • Perfomance update: what and how
  • Perfomance in the real use case
  • Code minimization

3. How To Embrace Redux And Why?

Dmitry Radyno is an experienced front end developer from XB Software. He is fond of JavaScript and creative tasks, and likes to reinvent the wheels and study modern technologies. He appreciates automation and total optimization. 

  • React. Crash course.
  • About separation of data and views in short
  • One-wayness: store and dispatch
  • Connect Redux an React in 5 minutes
  • What do we get for this? Advantages and goodies
  • What’s next?

4. Component-focused web

Maxim Kozhukh is a skilled frontend-developer at Xb Software and the chief developer of Webix UI components library.

  • The splendors and miseries of web frameworks
  • Web Component — a beautiful dream of the Web’s future
  • Polymer —the severe reality nowadays
  • Webix —  a different approach to components

4front is an excellent opportunity to keep up with the latest IT trends. Hurry up to get registered for the free meetup.

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You are always welcome to speak out at 4front events, just let us know and will take care of your staying here in Minsk. Come and have a wonderful time!