Real Estate in Cadaques

In search of such places, people sometimes get knocked down. But this amazing paradise for the real romanticists is quite real. One of the most outstanding surrealist artists, Salvador Dali, has lived here for half a century. It’s now a Mecca for poets, artists, sculptors and more. It is a symbol of the quiet and secluded life of creative people as well as those who value such a society. Cadaques is a small town on the Costa Brava in Catalonia, where those seeking beauty will find it to the fullest. There is no public transport, as the streets are too steep, winding and narrow for cars to pass. The old town centre is replete with medieval buildings and the number of cozy little cafes, restaurants and bars per capita is enormous.

By the way, there are only about 2.5 thousand people permanently living in Cadaques. Hence the seclusion. If you are looking for a quiet and cozy place to live and relax, it is worth looking at real estate in Cadaques. Off-season – that is, from September to May, walking through the narrow streets, you can feel like the only person in the world among all this stunning architectural splendor. The local old houses are mostly white stone walls and the roofs are made of red tiles. The architectural appearance of the historic centre of Cadaques is truly harmonious and impressive.

At the same time, this small town is never boring. And it’s all the fault of some of the most cheerful people in the world – the Spaniards. On any day of the week in any of the many establishments you can certainly find a bohemian company – artists and poets specially come to such places to communicate. And the plethora of festivals and celebrations that take place in Cadaques almost every month adds to the tranquility of the local environment. Festivals include St. Sebastian’s Day on January 20, Carnival in February, the annual Culture Week in April, American in Cadaques, the Indian Fair on the first weekend of June, the main summer festival – the International Music Festival, and the Holy Virgin Hope Festival in December.

You won’t miss it here. But you can’t find nightclubs – they just don’t exist. Entertainment in Cadaques is more than just muffling all the music. People come here to experience a taste for a deeply conscious, meaningful life. Like Salvador Dali once came and stayed until his deepest old age.

Salvador Dali Paradise

The fact that one of the great surrealists lived most of his life in Cadaques is a reminder of many things in this small town, including the main attractions. This is his home, located in the village of Port Ligat, 1 km from the center of Cadaques, and the city museum, where a large part of the exhibition is devoted to the work and life of the artist, the main sculpture on the waterfront, where Dali is depicted in a proud pose with his favorite accessory – a cane. So the city paid back to the outstanding artist, who sincerely loved these places. Dali depicted the coastline of Cadaques Dali in many of his works, including the most famous ones such as “The Constancy of Memory”.

When Dali first came to Cadaques as a child with his parents, he could not forget him and came back here again and again until he bought from a widow a fisherman’s house on the beach in a quiet and picturesque bay. In 50 years of his life he gave this house the same extravagant features, depth and singularity that distinguished this man. Now this house has become one of the objects of pilgrimage for many creative intellectuals from around the world.

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