How to earn bitcoins correctly?

Before engaging in trading, it is necessary to clarify how to buy bitcoins so as to enrich yourself at the expense of crypto and not to lose your money. The following step-by-step instructions on how to buy bitcoins are offered.

Start a bitcoin wallet

Before you can earn bitcoins, you need to create a special e-wallet with a unique number. Importantly, it can be stored with all its contents on your computer, cell phone or tablet, even on a flash drive, or in cloud storage. This can be bitcoin wallet UK or another similar solution. The latter option is convenient because you can access it from any computer connected to the Internet. It is risky to create a wallet on your computers and phones, flash drives – you can lose everything because of a trivial malfunction or inattention. They also take up a lot of memory. Ideally you should use several options, one of which will contain a backup copy.

Buying from exchanges

After you have done the first step and got a bitcoin wallet, let’s start buying. Let us try to explain in a simple example how to earn bitcoins. There are a huge number of exchangers on the network. This is the easiest way to buy. But intermediaries (exchangers act as third parties in the transaction) will take their own percentage: either fixed or depending on the amount of purchase (the larger the amount – the higher the commission). Nevertheless, despite some financial losses, it is best to start with this.

Working with cryptocurrency exchanges

After a while, when you get the hang of exchangers, you can move on to more complicated, but economical ways of earning. These are cryptocurrency exchanges. From other areas of purse replenishment, you can select terminals, ATMs, online banking in some banks, transfers from other purses, even gift certificates.


After each transaction with your bitcoin wallet, it is strongly recommended to make a backup copy on a flash drive, for example. Get yourself a separate removable device for this purpose. The backup step should become a habit. At some point in time it can be a real salvation for you. Otherwise, it might turn out that you will lose all your earned bitcoins in an instant.

If you want to not only store your bitcoins but also pay with them in stores, it makes sense to use Cryptopay debit card. With this card you will get a chance to pay in bitcoins and some other cryptocurrencies in many stores making your home purchases. So it makes sense to learn how to use this type of card in your life. They can simplify the process of bitcoin conversion and allow you to dispose of your assets as you wish. Modern bitcoin cards have a lot of significant advantages, so you can get extra bonuses. 

Recently such cards have become very popular all over the world, which will help you experience all their possibilities in the long run. You will just have to choose the right bitcoin service, which in your situation can be the most attractive solution. If you give preference to the right option, you will have a chance to get the best solution for yourself.