How to choose an expensive gift?

It is not always possible to come to a celebration and give a simple symbolic gift. Usually it is not customary at the birthdays of executives, anniversaries of very close people or, for example, at such large-scale celebrations as weddings, boss’s housewarming party, etc. In short, the higher the status of the hero of the occasion and the more important the event, the more expensive the gifts should be.

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Where to buy a VIP gift?

You can, of course, go to boutiques and specialized departments. But then be prepared for a huge waste of time and, most unpleasantly, to return empty-handed. Modern society has long since retrained to shop online, so the luxury gift store Fama is your help.

How to choose a luxury gift


Topical question – what to buy? Here it is desirable to know the preferences of the person who needs to buy a VIP gift. Ideally, if you know something about his hobbies, interests, dreams, then the search will be greatly narrowed. In general, there are a lot of things that are of real value. Among the most popular categories are:

  • exclusive writing instruments (accessories, desk sets, pens);
  • tableware, serving accessories in wide assortment;
  • works of art (paintings, literature, sculptures);
  • icons, Christian books;
  • image items: branded cufflinks, jewelry;
  • luxurious decorative items (maces, candlesticks, interior items, fireplace sets, musical instruments, and much more).

Expensive gifts for the boss

A special topic is the choice of a presentation for the director or a high-ranking person. Here it is important that the gift was not only expensive, but also meaningful. That is, if the hero of the occasion likes hunting, he will appreciate the presents given to him hunting kit or gift edition about hunting. Perhaps he uses a cane, then you will be offered options of horn, bronze and silver, as well as handmade canes. In short, to choose such gifts, it is important to have at least minimal information about the person. If there is no such information, then you can choose a universal option, for example, from writing utensils.

Exclusive gifts VIP

Most of all, of course, unique items are appreciated. These are rare paintings, books, lithographs, maps, antique vases and figurines. No less valuable are antique icons, watches, jewelry, and accessories in single copies. Each of these items is often of special historical, museum and cultural value. Such VIP gifts can become the most noteworthy to your relatives, friends and loved ones.

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